Monday, May 21, 2012

summer of the pinwheel

Its a good thing you have me here to tell you these things.  Otherwise how would you know?  I have officially named this upcoming season {the summer of the pinwheel}  You are welcome!

Why?  Really no reason but that I forgot how cute they are and for some reason I am obsessed with them.  So now you must be too.  Go now.  Go forth and pinwheel.  I don't know what that means, but don't hurt yourself.

The latest creation (alright, honesty is a good only creation thus far, but there will be more!) is my front door wreath I just threw together today during, wait for it....naptime!  That was the point of this blog in the first place, wasn't it?  So here is the beauty.  Please just humor me and pretend you love it as much as I do.  It is by no means professional, but it makes me smile at my front door and with the current state of my house/landscaping/and lack of sidewalk or driveway - its a big deal.

I wanted to switch it up to a summer wreath that could cover early summer and late.  Being that this weekend is Memorial Day and I've already got my mind on 4th of July things as well, a nod to the patriotic seemed appropriate.  So - I chopped a bit of a pool noodle off and then taped the two new ends together to form the size I wanted.  Then the burlap with the red stripe you see is actually Jute Webbing.  It is what typically is forming the support to a great upholstered piece of furniture like a chair.  Its about 4 inches wide and I buy it by the huge spool at Hobby Lobby.  Cheap and versatile.  Remind me to show you our family growth chart I made from the same stuff a while back.  Of course since it is the SOTPW (it'll catch on) I went searching through the interwebbings for a tutorial.  I knew I started with a square but thats all I had and knew someone else already had it all figured out.  Cue my buddy, Martha.  I used this handy template:  {pinwheels}.  Easy peasy and it cost me nada because I already had the noodle, webbing and paper to make the stars/wheels/awesomness with.  Go do it!  I'm already planning my next pinwheel move...

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