Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The newest lady in our life!

Whats new with you, friends?  Nothing much here.  Except the small fact that we are now a family of FOUR.  That still sounds odd.  Four.  "Rostorfer, party of four".  What?  This will eventually sound normal right?  Add in going to dinner with some friends and it will be party of 7, 8, 9...unbeliveable!  But true!

Our sweet Collins Kate joined the world at top speed on June 14th.  From moment one she was already calling the shots.  On Wednesday, June 13th, the little miss was starting to kick things into gear and I had a couple hours of consistent contractions but nothing that was earth shattering at this point.  Around dinner time I called the Dr like a good little girl and she said to head up to the hospital just in case.  The Bubbe and Papa were summoned to stay with H and off we went.  Long story short, everything came to a screaching halt while I was there and by 10:15 pm I just wanted to go home and sleep.  Back home and in bed by 11:30.  At 1:30AM, I woke up to that earth shattering I mentioned earlier.  No one was having fun, least of all me!  As the hubs said, he woke up to me sucking all the air out of the room doing my best Bill Cosby bit routine.  We woke the Bubbe and Papa up who conveniently had stayed the night and said we were headed back and this time we weren't coming home without a baby or some serious drugs (my exact words).  We were back at the hospital by 4:30am and on our way.  At 5 I was put on an I.V. antibiotic and shortly there after got my epidural.  Sweet, sweet lovely epidural.  Will you marry me?  Since I had the antibiotic, I was told if I could make it 4 hours before Collins was born (9am), there would not be a blood draw done on our sweet girl.  Deal - I was up to the challenge.  Challenge it was, b/c we all were holding our breathe for the last 30 minutes and the nurse didn't even want to look my direction let alone move me at all for fears I would have that baby on the spot!  My doctor came in at 9:03am, asked for a practice push, yelled at me to "Stop practicing!"  got suited up and Collins was born at 9:13!  Hello!

Fun facts.  C was born 3 days early, H was born 3 days late.  C was 6lbs 12.9oz, H was 6lbs 9.9oz  (a difference of 3 oz) 3 our lucky number?  And don't ask, we aren't having 3 kiddos, so thats where the fun facts end!

She's our little ladybug and we are enjoying every minute with her.  H is a fantastic big sister and loves to kiss and hug on her, get her things and try to soothe her when she is crying.  She is proving to be a great night time sleeper, waking only twice a night since the beginning so all in all we are hanging in there!  And now for the pictures...

can she make it to 9??

Sooo excited to lay eyes on her sister!!

The sweet nurses gave her a braclet like Mommy and Daddy's too!

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