Wednesday, December 7, 2011

18 months

Even though I've been saying that the divine Miss H is 18 months old for a couple months now, she really is!  Sunday, December 4th to be exact.  Anyone else find yourself tripping over saying the age of your child when strangers ask?!  I don't want to be that mom that says, "She's 43 months old".  That irks me.  So when asked I panic for a split second thinking should I answer a year and a half or 18 months.  These are big problems people.  Real world stuff we are dealing with here!
I'll keep it short because I'm writing on borrowed time.  It is the VERY end of naptime and let's see who wins this race...

21lbs 2oz. (15%)
31 inches tall (25-50%)
18 1/2 inch head (50-75%)

She's spunky, hilarious, dramatic, and keeps us on our toes.  She's a climber and will attempt pretty much anything at least once.  Has mastered both the spoon and fork for eating with and sometimes boycotts meals until she has her utensils.  She understands way too much for her own good and surprises us daily with what she can do if asked.  And now for some pictures from the last few months:

"Melmo" and Daddy trick-or-treating

H and her Aunt Lisa at COSI (Children's Science Museum) in Columbus.  There is a picture just like this with me holding HER daughter (my niece) from at least a decade and half ago!

Being a ham at COSI.  She doesn't know what these "vintage" appliances are

In Ohio hanging out with cousins Sammie and Jamie

Happy Thanksgiving!

She played with Moses, my sister's dachshund, the WHOLE time

The game:  Throw the duck toy, giggle, and run like hell!  Repeat.

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  1. So adorable!
    So very far behind on family reunions.