Tuesday, November 29, 2011

surprise that wasn't or was it?

Remember how I said I had things to update and that I was actually going to do it (before yet another 5 years went by...)?  I'm a big, fat liar.  So now you know! 

But lucky you, today is the day! I realize that excitement can only be faked for so long - don't worry, I know!  OK onward and upward.  I mentioned in the last post that there was a surprise that well wasn't/didn't happen and I'm finally over it enough to share.  Ha!

Back story:  The Hubs hasn't been home for his or my birthdays besides once or twice in the last decade.  This is not an exaggeration - true story.  Every year he is out of town doing "Arrrrmmmyy training, Siiirr!"  (anyone, anyone??)  So this year he was turning the BIG 3-0!  Whew!  I had the brilliant idea to throw him a surprise party a month in advance.  That'd get him, he'd never suspect a thing.  I sent out an evite to friends and family weeks in advance, even his Mom, Grandma and Aunt he hasn't seen in 20 years were coming into town.  He knew they were coming but had no clue they would also be here for a blow out surprise party!  I pulled it off!  Everyone was set, there were some small hiccups with working that weekend but it seemed to work in our favor.  Food was planned, decorations were hiding in the wings...

Then, the Hubs decided it was a good time to get hit with one hell of a stomach virus.  THE day all of this family was flying in from Ohio, Michigan and Arizona.  It was ok, we had 3 or 4 days until the party and all would be ok.  Was I concerned at all still when I had to take him to the ER the night BEFORE the party until 2AM for I.V. fluids due to severe dehydration.  Nah!  Wasn't going to stop me.  He was miraculously going to heal overnight, go into work the next day and we would all yell SURPRISE when he came home.  Perfect!

All went "as planned" with hubs begrudgingly dragging his poor body out of bed late in the afternoon and scooting out the door to work, and off we went!  Dragging out balloons and taping pictures to walls, we were moving at ludicrous speed!  Until 15 minutes later as I'm standing on a chair in my dining room and I hear my Mother- in- law behind me say, "He's home!"  Say what?  I turn around with a balloon in my hand and there is his, with a "what in the world are you doing" look on his face.  Weeks, people!!  Weeks of prep and secrecy and he walked right back in the door before anyone was here or ready to say surprise.  Anyone who knows me, knows this is typical and why I never attempt things like this, it never works.  I've learned that lesson loud and clear this time!

All in all, he was surprised and felt really bad for being sick and "ruining" the surprise.  People were already on their way and I had pounds of chili already made so hubs sat on the couch while everyone else partied around him :)  All was not lost though.  He got some great gifts, especially from me, but I'm biased...

That's right folks!  Baby #2 is on the way!!  Surprise :)  Our two kiddos will be almost exactly two years apart just like we wanted with this baby due around June 16th! (H's bday is June 4th).  I am right at 11 weeks and some change and thankfully almost done with this first trimester.  I suppose I do have a bit of an excuse for not updating much lately as I have been sicker than a dog with this baby.  Much worse than I was with Miss H.  Put it this way, I hit a major milestone two nights ago...I ate an entire dinner, at the table, with my family, at dinnertime.  It was huge, if that gives you any indication...

Here are some of the most recent pictures we have of Baby B just taken today!

and just for fun, here is the "wall of hubs" I created for his party that wasn't.  It is made up entirely of pictures of him from baby pictures to more recent ones :)

Until next time!  Here's where I make an empty promise that it will be soon but we all know that's probably not true ;)

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