Monday, January 16, 2012

the BIG reveal

We are HERE!  18 weeks and 1 day.  More importantly the day we find out who I'm really carrying in this belly of mine.  Enough with calling him or her "baby" or the dreaded "it".  Today was the day and we cooked up a fun plan to involve our entire little family in finding out...

I had seen or heard of an idea of revealing the gender with a box full of pink or blue balloons and I knew I loved it!  First the boring part, I found a huge box and got it all ready.  Then off to the ultrasound it was this morning, armed with a card and envelope for the tech to write boy or girl in.  I don't think I was even laying down on the table before I said we don't want you to tell us here, you have to write it in the card, and I'm not going to look at the screen.  I'm sure I sounded like a crazy woman but she cheerfully agreed to help us out :)

Let me tell you how hard it was to not tear into that envelope when we left like some hungry honeybadger.  We made it to a local park where our dear friend Christine and her daughter, Logan, (H's BFF) were waiting.  I eagerly handed over the envelope and box and off she went to get the balloons.  Soon she was back and all three of us were ready to find out...

What a FUN and exciting way to find out another sweet baby girl will be joining our crazy bunch!  Watch out Daddy, the girls are taking over :)