Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's October?

Why didn't you tell me?  Wasn't it just July?  For that matter, wasn't it just LAST October?!  But I had an inkling something was up.  Central Texas finally dropped into the 90's and we all ran outside our houses and did dances.  Then most recently (as in the last week or so) we have seen temperatures that can only be discribed as arctic in comparison to our brutal summer.  Eighty degree temps and even some upper 70's!  For all my northern family, I know, I know...but when 108 becomes a norm, 70's and 80's feel incredible!

So, being that its October - and I know this because my calendar tells me so, AND the fact that our local pumpkin patch is brimming full of bright orange pumpkins- to the patch we went recently!  So far we have visited twice - have I mentioned we will do just about anything outside these days and there are limited options super close to the house.

Trip one was with H's BFF, Lo.  Trip two was also with our BFF's and the seester and Mr Max.  Enjoy!

There's that devlish grin

Having a little sit in the pumpkins.  It was just a year ago I had to prop her up in there strategically!


Anyone think these girls have watched their Momma's shop before? Yikes!

"I found the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! I mean, Mom!"

Ta-da!  (Honestly, un-prompted! She's just a ham!)
And then, pumpkin patch take two...

The Max!

Cousins!  Wouldn't know unless I told ya, would you?


Look how crazy, Aunt Bird!
Patiently waiting for the train to go by...
It's here, Daddy!!
 (Note: big, loud, passenger size train, Amtrak like train a mere 100 yards from her.  She LOVES it!  Crazy) 

Max and his Momma (the seester)

Handsome boy

There is much, much more to catch up on.  Including a surprise that almost wasn't, well not almost, it just wasn't.  Started that way but didn't end up that way.  Trips, activities, and more.  I will get caught up, if it kills me!

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