Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm on Pins & Crayons

Oooo, do I love the newest craft bug that I caught.  I quickly treated it and expect to make a full recovery.  So first, let me explain where this came from.  Do you Pin?  Do you know what that means?  Have you heard of Pinterest?  If not, now you have and you will hate me, thank me later.  So turns out I'm not the only person who sees things online that I want to buy, make, eat, remember, rip-off, re-visit at some other time...Anyway, the fine people at Pinterest have solved this.  Instead of filling up your favorites on your browser with every single website that has something of interest you can just Pin It.  You can set up virtual bulletin boards, and who doesn' love a bulletin board? You don't?  Oh.  And you pin all those wonderful little tidbits the interwebbings deals out.  Better yet, they added a bit of a Twitter (side note; I don't Tweet.  I don't get it, I'm anti twits) feel by the ability to "follow" other pinners.  Then you can Re-pin their pins, and re-pin their re-pins, get the point.  Lastly, you can install a tiny "pin it" button on your toolbar and whenever you're at a site, picture, recipe, anything you want to keep, simply push that button and bingo.  Pinned!  Go check it out, you may be sorry.  The words, "My name is ___________ and I've pinned ___ times today" might creep up in your subconscious.  You were warned.

Where was I?  The craft.  Right.  It was a Pin.  :)  I believe it was an etsy link to purchase a piece of art.  It quickly made the rounds and everyone started to rip it off.  No one was going to pay $60+ for this.  Not when it was so fun to do yourself and quick and easy.

Step 1:  Get Crayons, a canvas, a glue gun and a hairdryer.  Does this sound like the start of a joke?
Step 2:  Become real anal retentive and arrange your crayons.  Then glue them on.
Step 3:  Melt them with the hairdyer. 
Step 4:  Step back and L.O.V.E. the outcome.

Why yes of course I took pictures in case those directions went over your head, or you don't believe me that it really is just that easy...

So much fun!  Is this a project I should probably repeat with H when she is old enough and can appreciate it?  Yes, but for now it was just as enjoyable for me :)  So if you don't hate the smelll of hot or melting crayons....I grew up with someone who hated that smell.  I don't remember who, just that random fact is lodged in my brain forever.  Come to think of it though, I didn't really "smell" the crayons as they were melting.  Most importantly, if you attempt this, which I 100% support, put some plastic up around it because the hairdryer does cause the crayon to splatter a bit.  Wouldn't it be fun to do a more monochromatic look?  Just tons of crayons in 2 or 3 colors from the same family?  The answer is yes.

And in conclusion I would like to share my absolute favorite video clip from my childhood.  Does everyone have a favorite episode of Sesame Street?  This video is as clear in my mind as the first time I sat slack jawed in front of the t.v. in absolute awe.  I so wished I could visit this factory some day and ooo and ahh at the full bins of brand new crayons all color coded and ready to be boxed up.  Please excuse the factory workers.  It appears this must be circa 1970 something...

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