Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Friday, World

We've have been given a gift this morning people.  An incredibly awful, heinously real gift.  And now for your viewing pleasure...

That just happend!

Please watch this.  Watch this as many times as it takes to fully understand what you just witnessed.  I'll wait.

Some thoughts I have on this.  As one blogger put it, Debbie stole her outfit from Brittney Spears circa 2001.  Couldn't agree more.  It was bad then, it continues to be bad.  But I'm not sure what my {favorite} part was.  The neon green crop top, the white jacket (with tails) that was held together ever so daintily with the belly chain, the white garter, or perhaps it was the hot pink feathers.  I will leave that to you my friends.  It is all too much to even try to figure out.  And how about that spectacular choreography?  Anyone else having flash backs to creating dances with your friends in the basement.  You remember, back when we had this song and others like it on tape that we were continously rewinding to get to the perfect spot in the song so we got it down just right.  Who else thinks those backup dancers had to drink A LOT before going on national television this morning?
I feel I can't even go there with the singing.  Its in the category of so bad I feel guilty making fun of it.  But wait, did Debbie Gibson just attempt to rap in the middle of it all?

A gift.  A 3 minute, 34 second package delievered with a neon green bow.  Enjoy your Friday, friends.  I know I will now.


  1. The new face of Burger King is a Drag Queen? Move over creepy King. My eyes and ears feel violated and I think I'm suffering from vertigo. Thanks for the gift Avs!

  2. What was even more disturbing was how much everyone in the audience seemed to be digging it.

  3. How come I don't remember her sounding that bad in the 80's?