Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{i'm melting...}

You know what's fun?  Grilling out.  Know what's even more fun?  The husband type telling you after dinner is over that he left the grill on so you can make s'mores for dessert!  YES! On a plan old Tuesday evening, too.  It was time to get the usual suspects.  Graham, Chocolate, Mallow.  What's that?  Don't have marshmallows at all times in your pantry?  {yeah me either}.  Have no fear!  What holiday did we just have that is known for having oddly colored marshmallows in equally odd shapes?  Oh yes, I did!

Step 1:  Grab the essentials

Step 2:  Apply heat

Step 3:  Smmooosh and enjoy!

Bonus:  The sugar coated mallows bring a whole new level of YUM to the equation.  If you're careful you can get a brulee effect on these chicks!  Now, full disclosure, this was not our first shot at these babies.  Nope.  In fact we did this first at my parents' house over Easter weekend.  Those peeps were toasted over the gas stove top though.  Just giving you options people.  I encourage you to give it a shot if you have left over peeps {I know, not likely} from the recent Easter weekend.



  1. PS, How do you get the blog with the FABULOUS layout and picture? Mine is one of those boring ones that is pre-made by google.... hmmm.

  2. This is too funny. I love the "Yes I did!" The peep is all, "Haaaaalp!""brulee effect" haha