Friday, April 29, 2011

the moment you've all been waiting for!

There were days of planning, accessories to ready, food to be chosen and an anxious filled, sleepless night but it's official...


Ok, so Kate and Will are!  And it was fantastic!!  From the moment this Royal couple announced their engagement I knew what we were in for.  I remembered as a little girl seeing pictures of Will's late Mother, Diana and Prince Charles in their wedding pictures.  Albeit, unfortunately she looked like she had fallen off the top of a wedding was the 80's and we will forgive her designer.  Back to Will and Kate!

Having a little girl myself, I knew I wanted to make memories for her of this occasion!  I'll admit it did take me a while before I factored in the time change between Texas and across the pond.  But what the hell!  It doesn't happen everyday!  We will push on.  As the wedding planning began and the media swirl began we all learned of the intricate and beautifully designed Fascinators that the Brits decorate their hair with.  Get with it, America!  This is a trend we need to adopt!  They are fantastic!  How can you not feel fancy with half a peacock on your head!?  I love them!  On I went to make it happen.  This is what I came up with for Mommy and Baby:

To make the day even more fun, we had our own wedding guests!  I casually mentioned at playgroup a couple of week ago that I was one of those who was geeked for the wedding and had plans to make H {and myself} fascinators.  Immediately our sweet friends Christine and her daughter Logan jumped in!  It was set!  They would also be decked out and headed to our house at 4 AM for the big moment.  Yes if you are following along, this meant waking our sweet girls out of their sleep to join in.  Like I said, it doesn't happen everyday.  I just know someday it will be so great for H to look at pictures of when her Mommy dressed her up and we watched the wedding together.  Great memories!

All in all, the Wedding lived up to all the excitement!  Her dress was gorgeous, the groom was handsome, the hats, fabulous.  After seeing the first kiss on that historic balcony it was off to nap for both the little girls and the Mommas.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.  We sure had a wonderful time!

Tea and Scones are ready!

Lo and H.  In matching pants and fascinators in their hair!

The girls had their own tea party!

H giving her opinion of the dress

Yay!  They're married.  Let's celebrate with napkins!

Lo and Christine.  Pretty girls!

My baby girl and I

Great time!



  1. I LOVE it!!! Wonderful idea to create fantastic memories, even if she only remembers it from the pictures.

  2. AVI!!! This is great!!! I so wish I lived closer because Ava and I would have been there in style with you guys!!