Tuesday, April 26, 2011

another {YUM}

Ok, how much am I sucking at this blog thing?  I apologize.  I have become that blogger I hate.  The one that you check most days and are disappointed to not see another update.  Not that I say that thinking you are hanging on every word I utter on these interwebbings, but just know, it bothers me too!  So I ask for forgiveness.  I will do better.  Now...another Mmm Mmm Good {remember those commercials?} to make up for my lack of updates:


Ok, so its a Bobby Flay recipes from foodnetwork.com.  And wow.  First, have you ever seen a recipe title with so many hyphens?  Second, as you can see from the picture above, I did NOT make yucca fries.  I made fancy steak fries a la ore-ida from a bag in the freezer.  Its how we roll.  We also had grilled squash and zuc.  Mmm.  Try this people it is a big keeper! 

A couple additions and ideas...the husband didn't think the 1 inch thick piece of pork was quite enough so he decided to wrap the babies in bacon prior to grilling them.  Good call.  But if you would like to limit your piggy intake, I'm sure the naked pork chops are just as good.  Second, this glaze and salsa are sooo re-usable!  The glaze goes on after the pork is cooked so it doesn't get contaminated with icky stuff and you can use the leftovers in another meal.  Same with the salsa.  Now for the full circle moment....drum roll please....remember the Spicy Honey Brushed Chicken Thighs?  Make those but use this glaze instead.  Success!  I actually couldn't find thighs that day at the store and used large drumsticks instead.  I rolled them in the spice mixture and baked them then broiled on the new glaze like you do with the thighs.  So good!

Try it soon.  And use frozen mango if you need/want to.  Its works just fine.

Until next time!  I must go, there are things to do to get ready for the Royal Wedding.  Whats that?  Yes, of course we have plans, just you wait! :)

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