Thursday, March 17, 2011

{reclaimed} art

Guess what this became?!


Yes!  It's true.  And I L.O.V.E. it!  Ok so I picked up the above Real Simple a while ago.  It's not the regular magazine {which I also love} it's a book/mag of  new uses for old things which is my favorite part of the magazine every time!  Well when I started thumbing through it I noticed that it was organized in alphabetical order and for each letter they had a great colorful page.  At closer look I realized it was gradually morphing through the color spectrum.  AWESOME!  I knew what I wanted to do instantly. 

I carefully cut each lettered page out of the binding with the box cutter.  Then came the arranging.  I chose to do poster frames because I really wanted them to disappear and not be attention drawing.  The letters and colors are enough. {fantabulous}

We just {finished} Miss H's toy room.  Our old office was chosen for the task.  Namely, because it's a good size and has doors.  Doors that can be closed when we don't want to stare at toys.  Success!  So the room is furnished but the walls are bare, but I knew they wouldn't be for long!  These beauties will be going up in her toy room as soon as the Husband gets back into town.  I make it a point not to put holes in the wall while he's away.  It never turns out right.  You're welcome, honey!  So trust me the colors are much more awesome in person.  They is no excuse for those crap-tastic pictures except that I am impatient and didn't want to wait until tomorrow for natural light in the house.  It happens.

Let me leave you with a couple of gems from the book:
Cooking Spray - "Set a manicure fast.  Lightly mist newly painted nails for instant smudge protection" {IT WORKS!  Tried it, and now I do it every time!}
Life Saver Candies - Ring the birthday candles w/ the candies to prevent wax from dripping on the cake while they make their wish.

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