Sunday, April 3, 2011


Promise, I haven't left.  See? Here I am!  Its been a busy week or so around here with lots of visitors and fun happenings.  I must organize my brain from it all and get back in the swing.  I will soon have stories to share, recipes, Miss H updates, and a crafty little number I'm starting to work on.  {pinky swear}.  Until then, can someone please explain to me why this seemed like a good idea...?

[caption id="attachment_81" align="alignnone" width="254" caption="It's real folks."][/caption]

But hurry, you have to get on the waiting list.  No, seriously.  Enough people have decided to get this for their baby, that there is now a waiting list.  I'm speechless.

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  1. doesnt want to weait too long to start building up their cholesterol right?