Wednesday, February 23, 2011

so fresh and so clean {clean}

This right here almost makes me want to mop my floors everyday.  I said almost, don't have me committed.  It's the scent.  Lemon Verbena.  LOVE IT!  So fresh and lovely smelling.  Bonus points, it's a concentrate so the big bottle is going to last forever a long time.

quirky little tip:  I always spray the filter on my vacuum with a yummy smell.  I personally hate having carpet air blown up in my face while I'm sweeping.  I'm cleaning the carpet - clearly I'm not in love with the smell the carpet currently has or doesn't have.  Every vacuum has one, tear yours apart and find it.  All the air gets passed through it, many times they are foam or some similar material.  Take it out, and spray it {lightly!} with your favorite scent.  I have started using my favorite lemon verbena cleaner recently, but I used to use Mint Extract.  Yup - the baking stuff.  Spearmint, not peppermint - but whatever works for you.  Sounds funny but its very clean smelling.  Think about it, your toothpaste and many other things around your house have mint scent/flavor because its FRESH.  So spray away friends!  Kill two birds.  Vacuum the carpet and make your rooms smell delicious/clean/fresh.

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  1. Ok. I'm sold. Have seen in the store for years. Guess I should throw it in the cart.