Wednesday, February 23, 2011


What does it all mean?!

1.  I'm joining the rest of the natural world in this blogging on the interwebbings thing.
2.  I rarely have an original thought.  I mean I tweak things I see.  I subscribe to not reinventing the wheel.
3.  I'm {baby employed}.  Translation: I'm a stay at home mom.  I cook, clean, play, shop, try to be crafty when I feel like it, and give up on all of it if it doesn't interest me at the moment.
4.  snaptime.  We have a short napper on our hands - a snapper.  I figure I'll blog during snaptime.  Or not.  Time will tell.
5.  nonsense.  See #3.  I make no promises as to what might find its way onto this blog.  Godspeed!
6.  I've already had to type this post twice because I accidently deleted it the first time.  This is going well so far.

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