Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Remember me?  The person who started a blog and then promptly, her attention span of a gnat kicked in, and she dropped it like a sack of potatoes.  Yeah that person.  Well I'm back.  Its been a crazy month or so since I last updated and we've had lots of exciting happenings in our world.  There were road trips and redecorating, dips in the pool and many visitors, but most importantly...

OUR BABY TURNED ONE!  Yes, I'm one of those.  That person who truly believes it went faster for me than anyone else in history and those around me can't possibly believe how shocked I am that its been a year.  I kid.  I get it.  Now, I do - I get it!  So I've been a little MIA because I have been planning and working and crafting and stressing over our little girls first birthday party.  I always told myself I wouldn't go overboard, she's one, she won't know the difference, the party is more for the adults anyway...and then MY baby turned one.  All of that logic went out the window and we threw a fun filled, wonderful birthday for our June baby.  It all started when my seester asked me what Miss H's birthstone was a few months back.  Pearl.  That's it!  And the rest I will leave to the pictures...

The invitation I designed for the party.  I was impressed I pulled it off.  Then a little help from a genius friend who tweaked the fonts for me and it was set!

All ready for the birthday girl

Speaking of!  :)

We had people leave little notes for H in honor of her 1st Birthday.

The candy "bar" for people to tak home with them.  Those wall pearls are pearl white Christmas Ornaments.

Our photo booth!

Being shy while everyone sings Happy Birthday

Getting the hang of it

party guests!  All wearing our "pearls" we handed out :)
hanging in the back yard.  Oh and we served Pearl Beer {and lemonade and water}

The papa's sneaking some chocolate cake

photo booth fun

 It was a blast!  Thank you to everyone who came out the celebrate with us.  Such great memories were made and I know H will love looking back at all the pictures and reading all the notes everyone left for her.

As mentioned above, we recently did some decorating/finishing to the house.  I snagged the help of my in-laws the week of H's birthday to help pull it off.  I think I'm still tired from getting that done simultaneously with pulling off the party.  The room update will have to wait until next time!

H's 1 year stats:
Weight: 17lbs 10oz
Height: 29in

What a difference a year makes:

                                                                                           3 days old

 6 months old

1 year!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!  We love you!


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