Wednesday, April 6, 2011

...a difference a year makes.

I'm trying to get it together!  Its taking me awhile, clearly.  Part of the problem would be trying to reload everything back onto my computer since getting it wiped clean to get rid of a nasty virus.  Slowly but surely we are making our way back to the living with this thing.  No more excuses...let's get to it!

This past weekend we shined up our Marilyn and got her all ready to go to the Lonestar Round-up, {Kustom Kar and Hot Rod Car show} or something long and misspelled like that.  In any case, as mentioned before, we picked up Marilyn last year, April 1st to be exact, in Phoenix, AZ.  We missed attending the Round up last year because Marilyn was protesting the long road trip we made her take and was very sick in the shop for a bit.  She has since recovered and was ready to show up this year.  The whole deal includes an actual car show, vendors the fairgrounds or something, but the most fun part is that all the classic cars cruise to South Congress Ave in downtown Austin and park it in.  All day and all night the very cool SoCo of Austin is chock full of vintage beauties.  We attempted to get down there early {we thought} in the day on Saturday and get a parking spot for Marilyn, then the plan was to enjoy the drive-by's and walk Congress a bit.  We underestimated how early it started parking in.  Instead we grabbed some lunch with some friends and cruised the street a few times before calling it a day and heading back.  It was a beautiful, HOT day in Austin and so it was nice to have the car out and go for a drive anyway. 

We took a picture Saturday to mirror the day we {adopted} Marilyn.  This time with Miss H on the outside.  We figure it will be our own version of a growth chart for her.  Instead of finding a door jamb in the house to mark yearly, we will take a picture next to the car and see how we've all changed! 

Take a look!

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  1. That is a fabulous idea for her and makes for GREAT scrapbooking!