Thursday, August 16, 2012

A whats what

Just a hodge podge of whats been new around here...

First, a few weeks ago we got to go up to Fort Worth for the first time! :)  It was great!  We were up there to celebrate with our wonderful friends as they prepare for their second daughter's birth (only a little over a week away!!  eekkk!)  It was so wonderful to see them, their families, and celebrate together - and what a treat to have it up in a city we hadn't been to before so we could check it out.  We will be going back - fun, fun times!

The kids playing and waiting for the "herd" to be driven down the street

 said herd

The first born girls!  H is already a big sister and A.J. will be very very soon!

Mr. Yee-haw himself!

The whole reason for the celebration.  Man do we love the snot out of this family! ;)

The onesies I made for the new misses

A hit! :)

 Speaking of little Misses.  Our littlest hit the 2 month mark!  Time, as usual, has grown enormous wings and we can't keep up!

Big sister was happy to color her sign for her ;)

And finally, a little crafty/handy inspiration for you today.  Do you know what I hate?

These!  Ugh!

We don't need them all over our house, thankfully!  But we do have the one set of stairs up to the Man Cave that need to be blocked.  My idea when we BUILT the house was to have a door at the bottom of the stairs.  Apparently this request fell on deaf ears and so we ended up with this ugly thing there once H became mobile.  But...Not Anymore!  Mwah ha ha. 

I saw an idea online for putting a half door in instead and couldn't shake the idea. I had to have my door, half or not!  And thanks to my handy dandy Husband and Father-in-law, I got just that in July!  My poor in-laws, they come to Texas KNOWING I will have a project cooked up for them to do.  It never fails.  They literally pack their work clothes/gloves/supplies when they come.  Without prompting.  No joke.  Without further ado....our new door :)

They even put a locking handle on it with the lock on the inside so when H is tall enough to reach it (she almost is now) she still can't run up there.  Awesome.  Love it.  And see, I told you I'd get that door eventually...

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