Sunday, March 6, 2011

should have been a brain surgeon

Because I just performed a beautiful lobotomy on one of Miss H's toys.  Why might you ask?  Oh, I thought Sunday morning was a good time to hone my skills on the off-chance I might be called upon to do so in the near future. 

The truth though is that I removed a rattle from the head of a "lovey" {small blanket with a bear head thing on it}.  Again, why?  Because I'm trying to convince H {and myself} that this is a soothing, nice way to calm down and go to sleep.  So yes, somewhere in my head I've decided that getting her attached to this body-less bear only to have to fight with her in a year or so to give it up is the right way to go.  Help me, Rhonda! 

It all stems from this blogs namesake, and her uncanny ability to only take short naps.  Did I forget to mention that these short naps are only achieved after rocking her in the chair while she sucks on a pacifier and methodically plays with my hair?  Oh, silly me!  Guess I left out that part.  So yes, we've I've created a monster.  I knew all along this was a bad way to go but continued on because it was not a fight I was willing to have for a measly 30 minutes of sleep on her part.  So back to the {lovey}.  This idea probably came from some advice I read along the way which included even keeping said body-less bear in bed with me the night before implementing so it smelled like Momma.  So far a no-go.  Not interested.  Would it be going too far to give this thing hair extensions?  Don't answer that.  However, logically I have figured that if she does take to this idea, I certainly don't want it rattling when she's trying to go to sleep.  Now it all makes perfect sense, right?  What did I say about not answering?  And yes, I've tried CIO.   Oh, whats that?  You aren't caught up on the millions of acronyms parenting advice websites/books/etc  use these days?  Whew, you thought the Army was bad.  CIO - cry it out.  As of now, after 30 minutes she is revving up even louder, standing up, with no sign of slowing down or giving up the fight - in fact the exact opposite.

Then there's the other side of my brain that says, if it's not broken, don't fix it.  No, it isn't the "correct" way for her to go to sleep, but it's really not ALL that inconvenient either.  She won't go to high school or walk down the aisle still needing her Mommy to rock her to sleep {right?}...once she is asleep she {usually} has no problem staying asleep or getting comfy and going back to sleep whichever the case may be. 

Excuse me while I go and argue with myself some more over this topic...

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  1. You and me both! Having performed a lobotomy on myself I feel we are in a special group of people now! Oh and BTW, you are crazy. BLOGs are generally for crazy people to share their crazy thought that aren't well accepted by main stream society.

    You, Jeff and I can start our own club now. No secret handshakes, just a unique pattern of blinks and twitches.